It is a language assessment exam to test English skills. Students and migrants use this score to prove their proficiency in English which is required for academic admissions.

PTE Sobh Raj Overseas Panipat

Part 1: Speaking & Writing 

PTE test evaluates both the writing and speaking abilities of an aspirant. Candidates are asked to repeat sentences, answer questions and summarise given paragraphs. The speaking section 1 contains a personal introduction part where the candidates have to introduce themselves within 30 seconds.

However, this item is not scored, but it gives the candidates a chance to introduce themselves to the institute. On the computer screen the candidates can see a recording box and after a beep or tone, they are asked to speak immediately. Similarly, there are many other items such as repeating a sentence or describing an image seen on the screen.

Part 2: Reading 

The Reading section evaluates candidates’ reading skills. Test takers encounter a set of instructions to follow, after which they can answer accordingly.

Part 3: Listening

The listening section consists of questions based on several audio clips. Part 3 comprises of questions that are completely based on audio or video clips. Candidates get to hear each audio or video clip only ONCE and are allowed to take notes to refer to.