Global education services consultancy in Panipat. Sobhraj Overseas is a professional education consultancy based in Panipat, with several years of experience. In the past two decades or so, the world has definitely come closer with an enhanced focus on global education. There is an impressive widening of reach and students have a plethora of educational opportunities to choose from. No limitations regarding which part of the world they wish to study in.

There is a huge demand for the best universities in the world. And for bright and talented Indian students, the sky is the limit. Global education is here to stay and countries, such as UK, USA, Germany, UAE, Australia and New Zealand, etc. welcome bright, aspiring students from India with great enthusiasm. Students from India go abroad for studies for either graduate or post-graduate studies. They take the help of the best overseas consultants to identify the right university, take the necessary tests and apply for the course.


Sobhraj Overseas Global Education Services and Consultancy is one of India’s largest and most successful global education service providers. Through its network of 20 offices in India, including international offices. Its professional team of experienced and well-traveled counselors guides several thousand young aspiring students. Every year on their career and education choices helping them make informed decisions and placing them. In a wide range of quality institutions in all continents of the world..


Students rely on Themes for quality discussions, ethical advice and for assistance in ensuring a memorable and successful education experience and a bright career path. All students are assessed holistically from the perspective of academic qualifications, work experience, financial status or aspirations and interests to ensure that the appropriate countries, courses, and universities are chosen that would help them achieve their ambitions and meet their personal career goals.

Gagan Goswami

Best place for gaining in-depth knowledge and Renu mam is truly a good mentor , If one wants to get good score... Then, it’s a must visit place.


So blessed to have such a great centre in panipat rather than going to far off places for IELTS and that also too expensive.

himanshu chopa

This is the best place to learn all tht is required fr ielts training. Dr. Renu chugh is gem of a person . Her experience n command over the subject is beyond imagination.


It is a best place to enhance your language skills.The techniques told by Mrs. Renu chugh are really helpful to crack any of language proficiency test. Mam is veteran and always have open ear to solve any of ur tedious tasks.Advanced learning materials are available in center.Other members of the staff are also very co-operative.


I tried everywhere from Karnal to Panipat but I could not find any other institute capable of teaching what this institute can do. The staff especially Renu mam is very talented and full of teaching experience. Must for those individuals who want personal attention in order to excel their skills. Although you can try other coaching centres but in the end you will find wasting your time and money. So better stick to the best.


Its a good coaching center.. There are good experienced and educated teachers.. So I am totally satisfied with this institute.. When I went to this institute I felt very down.. But now I have good skills and I can speak English with good fluency..